Sunday, June 21, 2009

Finished Track Plan

Finished drawings are listed on the left of the Blog screen. I'm very interested in getting your comments before I call this complete. Thanks!

Final overall track plan.

Benchwork drawing.

Track and Grade detail.



  1. Scott:

    OK, I'd build one if I were in that frame of mind. Maybe a little further east... Maine-ish east...

    Very compact so I can't be too creative but let's see...

    Not very many places to leave cars sit... So if the tracks are level at the freight house, that is between the standard gauge and narrow. I would be tempted to dual gauge most of the standard gauge. That way I could have the fiction of my oil tank car snuggling up to a standard gauge car to transfer a load, or read on...

    A better choice would be to parallel the standard gauge for manhandling bulk cargo between the two or to shovel loads between gons. If you have the Moody Maine Two Footers that's how they did it.

    Hmmm a fleet of wheel barrows and a ramp on the freight house platform... John Allen would have liked that one... and we're back to only dual gauge.

    I would like to see a spur in "Hot Water" to set out a car or if you're going to use a "Galloping Goose" for passenger service a spur to get that off the "main"...

    Nice work on the total project. Definitely in the "Model Railroading is Fun" category!

    Jim Albanowski
    From On30 Group

  2. Scott,
    Looks very interesting........ Is this two separate loops with a reverse loop connector?

    And the only thing I might look into changing is in the shadow box area. Place the structures on the other side of the the tracks between the tracks and wall. Having the buildings facing the viewer would generally have more details than the rear of the building.

    Other than that........ I think you have a very interesting layout. Lots of areas where they maybe very photogenic and eye catchers.


    Glen Thomas
    "Turning Out Turnouts since the Turn of the Century"
    Cream City Turnouts

    Cream City Trains

  3. I like it! It too me a while to work out that it's an end to end layout with two return loops, a few sidings at the ends and a passing loop half way. I'm always impressed by designs with a simple track plan which looks more complicated than it is.

  4. Scott

    The layout is coming along fine, I noticed you also have an El Diablo bridge planned, currently
    kit bashing a Steel Pony Truss for my layout of the same name (great minds think alike)

    With a oil distrubtorship on the layout, possibly a second oil tank at the mine for boiler plant fuel
    oil, thinking a couple of oil fired HRT type boiler would be likly at the mine.

    El Cambio needs a spur to serve the former! site of ACME Blasting Powder Co (BG), I will be
    using some destroyed building foundations for my model of the ACME plant, have not got that far
    layout wise yet though.

    Ken Clark

  5. Subject: Re: Penoles Mining On30 Layout
    From Titus

    I'm not sure if I would say I'm looking to build it, at least not yet, but I am considering it. In fact, right now it's my top pick. As a track plan it has all of the things I was looking for -- my favorite of which is a long mainline run given the size of the layout -- and I'm thinking it's within the realm of build-able within 3-4 years by one person.

    I drew up an adjusted track plan which shows my approach to the bridge clearance issue. You can see as a result the higher loop now comes out much farther than the lower one, adding on another 6-8 inches of benchwork for that peninsula, but allowing a higher elevation for the top bridge at a 2% grade. On the plus side, this potentially creates a "Crazy Horse Canyon" opportunity for some vertical scenery, but I was still curious what your solution to the clearance issue was and if you would use El Cambio for something other than mountain scenery considering the additional space gained, especially considering you mentioned you don't consider the track plan finished.